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Simple Sucker

STKR Concepts Simple Sucker - Flexible Phone Mount - Striker

Flexible Phone Mount

The Simple Sucker allows you to easily mount the device to your desk, treadmill, windshield, countertop, airplane tray table or any smooth surface. Simply bend your Simple Sucker, with phone attached, into a comfortable viewing position and start playing videos, podcasts, or music. It's also great to keep an eye on tweets, update notifications, texts, or to casually surf the web. Just mount it to the coffee table, sit back, and relax. Use it for hands-free Skype calls, speakerphone calls at the office, or in the car with your phones navigation app.

Simple to Use

The Simple Sucker is made from a single piece of high-quality silicone, with a flexible piece molded inside to hold the phone securely in a bent position. You can even use it to wrap your earbuds! A smooth, hard surface is required to mount each end of the Simple Sucker. The Simple Sucker is 1.5 inches in diameter and has a 2 inch height.


Dual suction cup for easy mounting

Flexible body to position phone

Wrap and store headphones

Small and lightweight

What's Included

STKR Concepts Simple Sucker included in packaging
Available Colors
Simple Sucker Colors

Simple Sucker

  • Silicone body
  • Shape-loc flexible frame
  • Red Item# 00130
  • Black Item# 00212
  • Blue Item# 00208
  • Green Item# 00209
  • Pink Item# 00210
  • Three Pack (Red/Black/White) Item# 00136
STKR Concepts Simple Sucker Phone Mount dimensions
Size Guide
Will it work with my phone?
The Simple Sucker works great with hard backed phones such as glass, metal, and plastic. Rigid cases also work great too as long as there is 1.5" of smooth space without heavy textures, embossed logo's, or parting lines (such as battery door cracks) although you can attach it to a battery cover as long as it's larger than 1.5 inches.
surface needed for Simple Sucker