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Product Support

Garage Parking Sensor

Why is my parking sensor not detecting my car when I pull in and out of my garage?
-Be sure there are no obstructions to either side of the bottom sensor on your unit. The sonic pulses come out in a cone shape and could be catching a surrounding object to focus on instead of the vehicle.

Garage Parking Sensor - sensor location

How long should my batteries last?
-With typical use (twice a day) they should last 4-5 months.

How do I reset my distance?
-Park your car in the desired location, press and hold the red “set distance” button for 5 seconds and once released the unit will turn red indicating that it has remembered your distance.

Why is my Parking Sensor flashing yellow?
-This is an indicator that the batteries need to be changed.

Magnetic Light Mine Support

Magnetic Light Mine

How do I change the batteries?
-We do not necessarily recommend replacing the batteries in the magnetic light mine because the little plastic tabs are extremely fragile and the batteries themselves can cost almost as much as a brand new Light Mine.
If you’d still like to replace the batteries, you can do so by pressing in the tabs on either side of the Light Mine.
They require three LR44 batteries.
! When replacing the batteries for the Magnetic Light Mine, we recommend using extreme caution.

Why won’t my MLM turn on?
- The switch on the Light Mine can stick when first being used, so I would first like to make sure that you have it completely pushed over to the “ON” side.
Sometimes the switch needs to be pushed over hard, using the butt of your thumb. The switch can click once but needs to click over a little farther to stay on.