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  • STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - Lightweight LED portable work light - striker
  • STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - Lightweight LED portable work light - adjustable head - striker
  • STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - Lightweight LED portable work light - High Power LED light - striker
  • STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - Lightweight LED portable work light - steel frame - striker

A rechargeable flood light that brightens up your world

At STKR Concepts, we are passionate about innovative design solutions. Our mission is to create unique and useful products, that solve a problem for the end user...and we do it with style! We have already produced several successful and award winning designs, and now we are adding The Mobile Task Light to our portfolio.

STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - LED portable camping light - striker

After designing a few really cool flashlights, we have been a bit engrossed in LED's. They have evolved an immense amount in recent years. LED's pack a huge punch of power in an environmentally efficient package, and they are more efficient than traditional incandescent light bulbs. LED's are safer than CFL's (no mercury and fear of breakage), they burn cooler than halogens, and they are much smaller than florescent lights. What is not to like about LEDs? We agree...nothing! We nerd out on LED's all the time. In fact, those of you who backed our wildly successful TRiLIGHT Motion Sensing Garage Ceiling light know just how much we dig LEDs. Well guess what. Now we want to expand the line and give you the technology of the TRiLIGHT in the palm of your hand, introducing The Mobile Task Light!

Rotating Light Head

It features the same cast aluminum head as the TRiLIGHT. The aluminum makes it incredibly durable, but it is also a fully functional heat sink. Unlike halogen shop lights, the Mobile Task Light is always cool to the touch and cool to look at!

This aluminum eye candy pivots nearly 180 degrees to ensure that light can be directed exactly where you need it.

STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light 180 degree aluminum head

The Mobile Task Light hanging out in your workshop

The Mobile Task Light features 4 light modes

4 Modes

Once aimed, cycle through the 4 modes until you find the one that is right for your needs at the time. High, when you want to impress the neighbors. Medium, when you're on the fence. Low, when the mood calls for it! Strobe when you want to be seen or party.

The Mobile Task Light features a Universal Tripod Mount and Hanging Holes

Light Where You Need It

The Mobile Task Light is surrounded by a tempered steel exoskeleton, which has been drop tested a lot. The steel exoskeleton also acts as a stable base, or frame to hang the light. There is a universal tripod mount on the bottom of the Mobile Task Light so users can elevate the light if necessary.


The Mobile Task Light is powered by dual lithium-ion rechargeable batteries that boast 4000mAh ensuring you will have plenty of power, and long run times. Recharge by simply inserting the supplied USB cable into the plug on the back. If you need longer run times, the Mobile Task Light can be used while plugged in.
The Mobile Task Light feature dual lithium-ion battery technology

The Mobile Task Light features Dual Focus Modes

Dual Beam Adjustable Lens

A key feature of The Mobile Task Light is a very unique variable lens design. When the lens is in the up position, the C.O.B. LED produces over 1200 lumens of light and spreads it nearly 180 degrees, creating a massive flood of light. Slide the variable lens over the LED and this will focus the light to about 120 degrees, adding more of a "hot spot", which will project the light a little further if you desire it.

Compact Design

The Mobile Task Light is also compact, lightweight (395grams / 0.87lbs), and of course it is extremely durable for whatever you have in store for it. Keep it at home or in the garage for those dark projects, or pack it in your backpack, camper, or RV to light the entire camp area.
The Mobile Task Light compact design



1200 lumens

Dual focus lens

Dual Lithium-ion battery technology

USB-C Rechargeable

4 light modes (high, medium, low, strobe)

Battery level indication, via button when The Mobile Task Light is turned off

Adjustable Aluminum Head

Steel ExoSkeleton

Hanging Hooks

Universal camera tripod mount

What's Included

STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - USB rechargeable LED portable work light - striker
The Mobile Task Light
USB cable to charge the Mobile Task Light
USB Cable

  • Model# 00173
  • 1200 Lumens
  • 5400K color temperature (daylight white)
  • 4000 mAh Lithium-ion battery capacity
  • Charge Port: USB-C
  • Battery Level Indication (via button when unit is switched off)
    4 blinks = 100-75%
    3 blinks = 75-50%
    2 blinks = 50-25%
    1 blink = less than 25%
    Cycles 3 blinks and pause (When unit is ON) = critically low until battery depleted

  • Runtime: High up to 1.25 hours, Low up to 7.5 hours
  • Size: 5.9” x 3.3” x 4” (149mm x 109mm x 102mm)
  • Tripod Screw Mount: 1/4-20 UNC (1/4” thread)
  • Weight: 0.87lb (395g)
  • 1 year warranty
STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - USB rechargeable LED portable work light Dimensions - striker

STKR Concepts Mobile Task Light - USB rechargeable LED portable work light Dimensions Back - striker

How long does the Mobile Task Light hold a charge on High/Low?
The Mobile Task Light will operate on high blinding you with 1200 lumens of light for approx 1.25 hrs.
If you need longer run times mellow the Mobile Task Light out with the Low mode. Don't let the word "Low" deceive you. The Mobile Task Light is never truely mellow. Low still burns retinas with 300 lumens for approx 7.5 hrs!
Run times are dependent on the outside ambient temperature (yep, temps affect LEDs).

Does the Mobile Task Light go dim when the battery is low?
The Mobile Task Light is designed to run at full brightness until the Lithium battery falls below operating levels. This ensures you get full brightness the entire time it is running, unlike entry level flashlights that only operate at full brightness for a few minutes, then slowly dim to nothing.

How many lumens does the Mobile Task Light emit on High/Low?
Put on your sunglasses when you turn The Mobile Task Light on HIGH as it will be tossing 1200 lumens into your eye holes! For those of you who aren't impressed by the word lumens and twelve hundred of them, just go stare at the sun...its kind of like that (please don't really do that). Low is a romantic 300 lumens. Get ready to Netflix and chill....Wait no! 300 lumens is still crazy bright. Most flashlights are well below that. We designed The Mobile Task Light Low setting to produce 300 lumens? Are we crazy...or are we bright? It is up to you to decide. Please be kind :)

How long does it take the Mobile Task Light to charge?
The Mobile Task Light will take approx 4 hrs to charge from 0% battery to 100% battery with a 2 amp USB charger. 2 amp is the max we recommend feeding Mobile Task Light. A charger block, computer, laptop, car charger, etc. with less amps will work fine, but take a little longer.

Can the Mobile Task Light be used while charging?
Give the Mobile Task Light a tail by plugging in that USB cable and feed him/her (you determine your Mobile Task Light's sex when you get it). If you need longer run times, just plug the Mobile Task Light into a USB charger. Performance when plugged in varies due to different amp output of different chargers. 2 amp chargers are the max you should feed the Mobile Task Light.

Is the Mobile Task Light waterproof?
The Mobile Task Light loves long walks on the beach, even if it is raining...just don't take it swimming. It never was much for the doggy paddle, plus it will die a sad drowning death. The Mobile Task Light has a waterproof rating of IP65, which means it is water resistant, but not totally water proof. If using in wet conditions, just be sure to keep the USB charging plug well sealed, and whatever you do, DON'T plug it in (or use it plugged in) while wet or raining. The brightness of the Mobile Task Light is shocking, but that is the only part we want to be doing the shocking.

Can I change the Mobile Task Light batteries?
The Mobile Task Light is powered by hard wired dual-lithium batteries. Although Lithium batteries are wonderful, and last a long time, all lithium batteries get tired of charging and discharging eventually. For those who nerd out on batteries, there are 2 2000 mAh 18650 hard wired in parallel. If that means anything to you then yes, when the batteries start to get tired of charging and discharging, then you can perform open heart surgery on your Mobile Task Light and solder in some fresh 18650's (don't exceed 2000mAh). For those of you who aren't soo impressed by battery talk, you shouldn't need to worry about this. Just be sure and charge or discharge (use the light) your Mobile Task Light at least every 6 months to prolong the life of your batteries.

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