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Illumidome 220 Lumens
  • ILLUMiDOME Waterproof LED Mini Lantern | STKR Concepts - striker
  • ILLUMiDOME Waterproof LED Mini Lantern front view | STKR Concepts - striker
  • ILLUMiDOME Waterproof LED Mini Lantern with hanging hook | STKR Concepts - striker
  • ILLUMiDOME Waterproof LED Mini Lantern | STKR Concepts - striker
  • ILLUMiDOME Waterproof LED Mini Lantern | STKR Concepts - striker

Mini Waterproof Lantern

STKR Concepts has become known for its innovation, and problem solving designs. In true STKR fashion, they have done it again. They have created a task light that offers the user more versatility and usability than a traditional flashlight, torch, or lantern...and they have done it with a compact, lightweight, and durable design.

220 True Lumens

up to 100hrs Runtime

IPX6 Waterproof

4 Modes

ILLUMiDOME checking circuit breaker

Powerful Durable Lighting

The ILLUMiDOME is an extremely durable, light-weight, waterproof lantern that packs the power of a full size lantern in a compact size. This premium light boasts 220 LUMENS of wide angle light with its 1 Watt LED, and offers light settings of; low, medium, high, and a rapid blinking hazard.

Dual Light Array Options

ILLUMiDOME light array options

The key to the ILLUMiDOME's dual light output is the removable reflector. When the reflector is positioned in the top of the ILLUMiDOME, it creates a traditional "lantern style" light array, which is great for a wide variety of uses. However, when more light is needed, or the lantern is used upside down, the user can simply remove the reflector and easily store it in the base of the unit. With the reflector removed the ILLUMiDOME becomes a full area dome light with a projection light emitted out of the top of the lantern. The ILLUMiDOME erases the shadows left behind by your traditional lantern output.

ILLUMiDOME light array options

The top reflector and strap can be removed and stored in the base. When removed, the Lantern will light an entire area and eliminate shadows caused by traditional lanterns when hung upside down.

ILLUMiDOME Light Array with Reflector

Reflector Light Array

ILLUMiDOME Light Array without Reflector

Dome Light Array

illumidome lantern dome  reading light

Hands-free Lighting

Use Velcro strap on the top of the ILLUMiDOME to hang, or securely strap, the light to just about anything. You can even completely remove the Velcro strap and store it in the base for completely unobstructed light. Pop the dual hooks from the base and you can hang the ILLUMiDOME from tent poles, or even the hood of your car to illuminate an engine bay.

Versatile Lighting

Hang the ILLUMiDOME inside your tent, or use it to light up your picnic table. Keep the ILLUMiDOME nearby for power outage situations, or even a night time walk. Store the ILLUMiDOME in your trunk as a reliable safety light. Pack the ILLUMiDOME in your camping gear, or in your safety preparedness kit. The compact and lightweight design will take up minimal space. Finally, toss a few in your pool for a late night swim as the ILLUMiDOME even floats! Whether the user is a camper, do-it-your-selfer, hobbyist, or someone who is simply being prepared for power outage situations, the ILLUMiDOME will be their new favorite "go-to" light!

ILLUMiDOME floating pool lighting


Powerful 220 lumen lantern

Dual light arrays

Base hanging hook

Top hanging strap

IP-6 waterproof

4 light modes incl. strobe

What's Included

ILLUMiDOME Waterproof LED Mini Lantern included | STKR Concepts - striker
AA batteries included

  • Model# 00245
  • 220 lumens
  • 1 watt Lumen-Tech white LED
  • A.B.S. base
  • Thick poly-carbonate lens
  • Hanging hook and strap
  • 4 mode electronic switch
  • Runtime: 100 hours (low)
  • 3x AA batteries (included)
  • Size: 2.8 in. height x 4 in. diameter
  • IP-6 waterproof rating
  • 1 year warranty
Instructions PDF